Cardio Health

Cardio Health

A Brief Overview


Ascorbic acid 3000mg
L-Lysine         3000mg
L-Proline          400mg

Helps dissolve atherosclerotic plaque
Helps strengthen the cardiovascular system
Reduces cholesterol

The ascorbic and amino acids recommended by Linus Pauling for coronary heart disease are scientifically proven to
Lower cholesterol
Diminish, dissolve and reverse atherosclerotic plaque.
Relieve the pain of angina pectoris.
Reduce the likelihood of blood clotting, heart attack or stroke.
Strengthen the cardiovascular system by increasing the formation of collagen.
Increase heart and other muscle strength and stamina.
Reduce blood and tissue lipids.
Increase antioxidant intake and activity to slow aging.
Help natural immunity against bacterial, viral and fungal diseases, including antibiotic-resistant strains.
Promote overall health and the feeling of well-being.

For further information read Linus Pauling Theory of Heart Disease.

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Cardio Health
After 2yrs on Cardio Health my arterial arthritis has disappeared. Thank you. Pam Jones, Aug 2012

Pauling's theory of Heart Disease

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