BCAA ENERGY 30 servings

BCAA ENERGY 30 servings

A Brief Overview

HMT'S BCAA ENERGY 30 servings contains


L-Leucine: helps supply energy to muscles and support muscle protein synthesis
L-Isoleucine: supports muscle tissue development, recovery and lean body mass
L-Valine: plays a key role in supplying energy to muscles.

Recovery,  Energy and Endurance Boosters:

Beta-Alanine: supports the buffering of lactic acid
L-Alanine: supports glucose production of usable energy, endurance and recovery
Taurine: supports cell hydration, metabolism and mental focus in combination with caffeine.

Vitamin B & C Complex

Vitamin B6 and B12 help support energy levels through intense workouts.
Vitamin C's powerful antioxidant properties supports a healthy immune system.

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