Iron Complex 60's

Iron Complex 60's

A Brief Overview

HMT Iron Complex 60’s

60mg Vitamin C,
80mcg Vitamin B12,
400mcg Folic Acid
65mg Elemental Iron (as carbonyl Iron) per capsule.

About the product
• Blood Builder
• Boosts Energy
• Helps fight fatigue in users with low iron levels
• Easy on the stomach
• No constipation
• 65mg elemental iron

Iron Deficiencies is the most leading cause of anemia,
Iron deficiencies can affect many body functions such as delaying growth in children, cause pregnancy issues, and even heart problems.

• Symptoms
The most common symptoms of iron deficiencies are fatigue, loss of energy, dizziness and insomnia.

• Low Iron Levels
Low Iron levels is the most common cause of fatigue in women, since Iron serves a critical purpose in our bodies, transporting oxygen throughout the body.


• Optimal Ingredients
Iron Complex is formulated with optimal ingredients in order to ensure a most potent and gentle on the stomach supplement
• No Constipation

Iron supplements are widely known to constipate, however rest assured Iron Complex is formulated with you in mind, with just the right amount of Vitamin C, rest assured this Iron supplement won't constipate.

• Anemia Iron Complex addresses all the different forms of anemia's due to deficiencies in Iron, Folic Acid and B12.

Take 1 capsule once daily with food, or as prescribed by your health care professional

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