HCGenerate - D-Aspartic Acid

HCGenerate - D-Aspartic Acid

A Brief Overview

HMT's HCGENERATE + 120 Capsules contains:

D-aspartic acid 3000mg
Boron 10mg

Helps increase Total Testosterone
Helps increase LH levels
Decreases Estrogen levels

Research has shown that D-aspartic Acid will give you a 42% increase in total testosterone after 12 days. This is nothing short of phenomenal. HCGenerate is non-suppressive and 100% natural. HCGenerate is unlike anything the market has ever seen.

D-Aspartic acid is a neuro-endocrine d-amino acid receptor agonist which increases testosterone in two ways.
Firstly it is a powerful LH booster, but is not the primary mechanism for testosterone increase.
Secondly studies have shown that 10mg of Boron taken in the morning increased free Testosterone by 28%, decreased Estrogen levels by 39% and increased DHT by 10%

HMT's HCGenerate 120 + Capsules is a must have for every PCT! In fact it will synergistically help other SERM’s or replace them.

D-aspartic acid raises testosterone levels

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Human Clinical Trials

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