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Contains 100mg Disodium ATP, 500mg Ascorbic Acid


HMT has created ATP FUEL the first ATP product of its kind. ATP is the ONLY energy source that the human body can truly utilize, irrespective of aerobic or anaerobic activity. ATP is responsible for virtually all (100%) of metabolic processes in living organisms.

ATP has been shown to enhance the delivery of oxygen, glucose and other nutrients to working skeletal muscle. ATP has been shown to do the following:

  • ATP stimulates glycogen building in skeletal muscle via GLUT4 insulin transport.
  • ATP increases vasodilation via the ATP degenerated product adenosine as a vasodilator.
  • ATP increases oxygen flow and L-Arginine uptake through GLUT4 insulin transport which increases the uptake of amino acids and other nutrients.

HMT ATP Fuel 30's

Sales Tax Included
    • Helps increase cardiac output
    • Helps support oscular muscles
    • May help alleviate stress on the heart
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