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Contains 100mg DIM, 2,5mg Bioperine and 30iu Vitamin E per capsule.


Metabolizing excess estrogen with DIM means correcting hormone imbalance without hormone supplementation.  DIM is especially effective at treating estrogen dominance. And DIM even helps eliminate body fat.  The amount of fat that we store is closely related to the amount of estrogen in our bodies.  That is the primary reason that women typically have higher body fat content than men. So by eliminating excessive estrogen, our bodies are able to release the fat stores that they have been clinging to.  And because of the healthy way the body breaks down estrogen with DIM, the process leads to healthier breast, and cervical cells. DIM is truly one of the healthiest natural substances available, and it has been concentrated here for you.

HMT Estrogen Manager 60s

Sales Tax Included
    • Alleviates Estrogen dominance
    • Supports  healthy Estrogen levels
    • Supports Weight Management
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