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Contains 400mg Cranberry Extract 4:1, 150mg Pine Bark extract, 125mg IP6 and 20mg Vitamin B6 per capsule.


HMT Kidney Care is a combination of clinically tested herbs and vitamins specifically created to help keep the kidneys clear and functioning in a health manner. Specifically designed to lower Kidney pressure and stabilise urea levels.


Cranberry Extract is a powerful cleanser of the kidneys. It helps remove excess water from the organs via kidneys and helps break down the fatty tissue in the body. Cranberry extracts prevent the adhesion of bacteria on the epithelial cells of the kidneys, thereby helping prevent kidney infections. Cranberry extract possesses significant anti-lithogenic activity and might reduce the risk of kidney stones.


Pine bark extract supports normal kidney function in hypertensive patients and lowers high blood pressure and improved kidney function from increased blood flow.


IP6 is a premier antioxidant. Research has shown that IP6 can help prevent kidney stone formation, complications of diabetes (i.e. cataracts, renal damage), lung fibrosis, fatty liver disease, sickle cell anaemia, heart disease, high cholesterol and high triglycerides.


B6 lowers urinary oxalate levels, which can contribute to a type of kidney stones that occurs in people with a hereditary disorder called primary hyperoxaluria type 1.

HMT Kidney Care 60s

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    • Helps sreduce kidney pressure
    • Helps stabilise urea levels
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