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Contains 5000mg L-Arginine, 1000mg L-Citrulline, 90mg Pycnogenol, 60mg Ascorbic Acid, 2000iu Vitamin D3, 20mcg Vitamin K2, 400mg Folic Acid, 6mcg Vitamin B12 and 20mg Magnesium.


Cardio Fitness & Blood Pressure

  • High blood pressure is often a symptom of poor cardio fitness. Nitric oxide creation has been shown to assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels


  • When paired with proper absorption products, L-Arginine is used by professionals (hence L-Arginine PLUS) to increase endurance in some cases by 50%.

Immunity Health

  • Evidence suggests that dietary supplementation with L-Arginine enhances immune-competence in adults, Arginine derived nitric oxide also plays a major role in inflammation and immunity, affecting most immune cells, including T cells.




  • Research notes average optimum amount per serving to be 5000 mg to receive meaningful heart health benefits of greater nitric oxide creation.


  • Clinical studies show that 1000 mg of L-Citrulline acts as a catalyst extending the body's production of nitric oxide when side by side with 5,000 mg of L-Arginine per serving extending the production to up to or more than 20 hours.

HMT L-Arginine Plus (30 servings)

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    • Cardio Health
    • Virility
    • Strength
    • Anti-Aging


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