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Contains Black Maca Extract 5:1 (Lepidium meyenii) 500mg per capsule.


Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is grown at high elevations in the Andes region of Central Peru.

It has been traditionally used for centuries as a food source and as a general energy tonic.

Modern scientific research suggests that Maca may help to support a healthy reproductive life for both men and women.

Clinical data indicate that Maca does not exert a direct effect on endocrine function.


Health benefits of Maca

1.  Antioxidant
Maca root acts as a natural antioxidant, boosting levels of antioxidants like glutathione and superoxide dismutase in the body.

2.  Chronic Stress
Maca root is considered an adaptogen which helps the body naturally adapt to various stressors and may help reduce harmful effects of stress hormones.

3.  Stamina & Libido
Maca root may be able to improve sexual dysfunction and boost sex drive in women.
Maca is also able to balance female sex hormones and has even been shown to alleviate symptoms of menopause. Balancing hormone levels is crucial to many aspects of reproductive health and can help reduce symptoms like infertility, weight gain and bloating.

4.  Male Fertility
Maca has shown benefits for male sexual health and fertility.
Evaluating the effects of maca on libido showed an improvement in sexual dysfunction and sexual desire in both men and women.

5.  Energy, Mood & Cognition
Maca root is also known to help increase energy and support vitality, good mood, concentration and memory.


Take 2 capsules once or twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

DISCLAIMER: This product may be a complementary medicine and/or not have been evaluated and verified by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority for its quality, safety or intended use. Use of this product is therefore not intended to compensate for diagnosis, treatment, cure, or mitigation of medical conditions and must not substitute the obtaining of medical advice from a registered health professional for any health or health-related conditions.

HMT Maca 500mg 60's

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