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  • Contains 23g Micell Casein per 30g serving  


The benefits of Micellar casein protein are numerous, especially for those who are following an active exercise regimen.


Much interest in casein protein and its correlation to muscle hypertrophy arose from early studies comparing fluid milk ingestion to soy proteins. It has been elucidated in a plethora of studies that milk proteins are superior to soy/vegetable proteins in terms of promoting muscle hypertrophy after resistance training.


All of the major animal milk proteins.

While Micellar casein is certainly effective at promoting muscle protein synthesis, one of its differentiating features is the ability to provide a sustained rate of amino acid uptake versus a rapid, transient increase that would arise from whey protein ingestion.

Given this, casein may be more beneficial to individuals who are looking for a protein supplement that can provide several hours of nourishment and satiety versus a quicker digesting protein like whey.


As noted earlier, this gives casein longer-lasting anti-catabolic properties and is why people often refer to it as the optimal “bedtime” protein; casein’s prolonged digestion helps promote a positive nitrogen balance during extended hours of sleep.

However, don’t constrain casein supplementation to just before bed, as it can be beneficial at most anytime of the day, even pre and post workout.


HMT Micell Casein 1kg

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