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Omega 3 and NO fish oils. The proper PEO (Parent Essential Oils) ratio based on science is extremely important. There is a misconception among nutritionists that we get plenty of omega 6 in our diets. The problem is that we get very little pure, unadulterated “parent” omega 6 oils because of manufacturing processes. One can easily “overdose” on excess omega 3, which can cause serious health problems. More than 97% of your body needs at least a 4/1 ratio in favor of “parent” omega 6 over “parent” omega 3 because that is what your tissues and organs require.

Our unique PEO formulation takes into consideration the good “parent” omega 6 you may already be getting in your diet, as well as carefully balancing it with the proper ratio of “parent” omega 3. There isn’t another PEO formulation on the market today with such a careful balance, using naturally produced seed oils instead of fish oil, and providing the parent oil, and not just the derivatives.


HMT Omega 3-6-9 Oil 500ml

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    • 100% plant-based EFA's
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