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Contains 200mg L-theanine and 100mg Caffeine per capsule.


When taken separately, caffeine and l-theanine have opposite effects on the mind and body. However, when taken together, these two ingredients work synergistically to create a desirable calm, clear focus that is simply unmatched by any other combination of ingredients. Combining caffeine and L-theanine helps increase alpha brain waves to get the best cognitive results. The alpha brain wave is equated with relaxation and calmness, but it also emphasizes creative thought and mental performance.


About the product:

  • LONG-LASTING ENERGY & FOCUS - Are you looking for something that gives you powerful long-lasting energy & focus without the harsh unwanted side effects most energy supplements have? Our clinically researched formula is designed just for you. Our optimal blend consists of 100mg of caffeine+200mg l-theanine, giving the user a smooth boost in energy & focus that lasts 4-6 hours
  • NO CRASH OR JITTERS & ALL NATURAL- Everyone has experienced the negative side effects of caffeine (quick jolt of energy followed by a crash, jitters, irritability, tiredness). We formulated SMART ENERGY with powerful all-natural ingredients: caffeine & l-theanine. By combining the two ingredients allows the user to feel its mind-energizing, memory enhancing, and enhanced focus with a sense of calm. The ultimate combination
  • WHO USES SMART ENERGY? Many users report using Smart Energy as a pre-workout, study-aid, coffee/energy drink replacement, or just whenever they need an extra boost. Commonly used by: Entrepreneurs, College Students, Athletes, Professionals, Truck Drivers, Bodybuilders, Performers, and many more! Smart Energy gives you 4-6 hours of being alert but relaxed, which is ideal for productive activities that call for extended periods of focus and attention.

HMT Smart Energy 60s

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    • Supports focus, attention and mood
    • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
    • Neuroprotective and increase NGF
    • Natural nootropic stack for cognitive performance
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