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Contains 1000mg Choline Bitartrate, 400mg Inositol, 100mg L-Methionine, 50mg L-Carnitine, 50mcg Chromium Picolinate, 20mg Vitamin B6, 50mg Betaine HCl per 2 capsules


HMTs’ Super Burner - Liver Detox is formulated with a combination of 7 synergistic ingredients to enable proper lymph drainage and strong liver function. These ingredients also help to deactivate and expel harmful toxic substances from the body to ensure you shed unwanted fat in a safe, steady and natural way.

Choline, Inositol and Methionine are the lipotropic factors that metabolize fats and cholesterol and aid in the transportation of fat in the blood system. Methionine also increases dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin and acts as a natural anti-depressant. Chromium Picolinate maintains normal blood sugar levels, which is essential for fat loss.  L-Carnitine transports fatty acids to the mitochondria where they are processed to be used up for energy.  Vitamin B6 and Betaine HCL are co-factors which are necessary in supporting fat loss.


HMT Super Burners 120s

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    • Non-stimulant Lipotropic formula
    • Helps treat obesity
    • Helps Lymph drainage
    • Helps lower cholesterol
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