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Contains 510mg blend of Nitrates, Pygnogenol, Agmatine Sulfate and Vitamin C per capsule.


One of the best aspects about Nitrate usage is that they are beneficial for every type of athlete.  By significantly increasing Nitric Oxide, your body is able to perform physical actions at a lower Oxygen requirement.  This means that your endurance will be significantly enhanced on your very first dose! Imagine breathing easier, yet running faster, or lasting longer in the weight room.  Another benefit to Nitrate usage is the intense vasodilation it provides.  Vasodilation is the literal expanding of your veins, which allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to reach your hungry and tired muscle cells.  This gives you a great "pumped" feeling, as well as significantly enhanced recovery.

HMT Super Pump Max (60's)

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    • Run faster
    • Breath easier
    • Train harder
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